What we offer

Prestige Driver offers users access to the finest dealerships, auctioneers and publications. Our user base comes from partnership referrals, social media and print advertising campaigns and industry publication referrals, via our unique print scanning facility.

Growing in popularity, with motoring fans everywhere, both within the trade and consumer markets we are on course to become the number one marketplace for the prestige car industry.


Prestige Driver is currently FREE to list for dealerships and auctioneers as we continue with our successful trade marketing campaign. Just send us links to 3 cars you would like listing. If you also use our scanning facility to enhance your print advertising in any industry publications, you can list up to 6 cars.


We recognise the importance of motoring publications within the specialist car industry and have designed our app to accommodate publications who can easily promote their articles to a large audience of enthusiasts increasing visibility and subscriptions. Please contact us to get your FREE account.


We offer premium advertising space alongside the world’s finest cars, what better place to engage with your audience. If you offer products/services relating to the motoring/motorsports industry, please contact us.

Finance companies

Finance is integral to the industry; we can host specialist finance companies on Prestige Driver so you can offer your services with car listings.


Dealerships, Auctioneers and Publications

Please contact; enquiries@prestigedriver.app or call 023 8232 0911

Advertising / Finance companies

Please contact; sales@prestigedriver.app or call 023 8232 0911

Inventory requirements

We specialise in classic, vintage, sports and motorsport cars only.

Vehicle type Minimum price
Classic/Vintage £25k
Sports, Special/Limited Edition £45k
Certified Motorsports --
F1, LMP1/2 --
Classic/Vintage Motorcycles £25k
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