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About us

We are Foundry Creative Ltd (trading as Prestige Driverâ„¢), a company registered in England and Wales under company registration number 09738991. Our registered office is at Building Unit 1, EMP, 4 Solent Rd, Havant PO9 1JH, VAT registration number is 219780092.

If you have any questions about the Site, please contact us by:

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From time to time we update this Privacy Statement so we encourage you to refer back to this page regularly.

Our sites are not intended to be used by children.

In summary, we use personal data:

  • To connect consumers interested in listed vehicles with the dealerships and private sellers that are advertising them for sale.
  • To refer consumers to third party businesses related to our industry.
  • To manage our customer relationships, handle queries and complaints, prevent fraud and otherwise operate our business.

User contacting dealerships

You can use our website to be put in contact with a dealership that has a vehicle for sale that you would like more information on. A contact form for that purpose is available on the website and app. Information that you provide is passed to the dealership so they can follow up with you directly.

When we pass on your details, the dealership or receiving the information is then the controller of their copy of your personal data, and they are responsible for what, if anything, they do with it. We would expect them to contact you by email or phone to answer any queries.

You can call the number for a dealership provided on our website and app to connect that way. If you do, we will have a record that the call took place, but we do not record the calls themselves and we will not know what was discussed. The dealership is responsible for what they do with any information you give them on the phone. We use the call records that we have only for customer service purposes and to keep dealerships informed of calls they receive through us.

When you buy a vehicle that you found through Prestige Driver

Some dealerships report sales back to us. The information they give (typically registration number, date of sale and postcode) we use to produce reports showing relationships between referrals to dealerships from Prestige Driver and sales so we can communicate the value of our paid services to dealerships.

Cookies and adverts

We use cookies and other similar technologies in order to identify your browser or device to our advertising partners. We do this to enable targeted promotion of any Prestige Driver advertising.

We use targeting and advertising cookies to provide adverts on our sites that we believe are more relevant to you. The third party adverts which appear on our own sites are chosen according to the content of the pages you view on our sites and information about your browsing habits already known to our third party advertising partners; for example, if you are looking at a page showing vehicles made by a particular manufacturer, it is likely that the adverts appearing on that page will be for that manufacturer. We do not share information about you with the third parties who advertise on our site.

For our login and session cookies, we do this on the basis that it is necessary to provide the features of our websites that require it.

For our analytics cookies, we do this on the basis of our legitimate interest in understanding how people use and interact with our websites.

Other providers of products and services

Users of our app may find links to other businesses who provide products and services related to the car industry. When you click on those links, you are taken to their website, where you can decide whether to provide your personal data in relation to those other products and services and adhere to their relevant terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy last updated January 2024.